Body to Body Massage

The Apple Treat Body-to-Body Massage is a truly erotic massage experience.

During our unique body-to-body massage your masseuse will use her naked body to massage yours. After she has lovingly and meticulously covered your entire body in warm non-scented massage oil to prepare you for the delights to follow, she will slowly glide up and down your body caressing you and your erogenous areas in a way nothing else can.

The body to body massage has its roots in ancient Japan, it is a highly intimate massage that stimulates and satisfies your sexual appetite. The body sliding motion used is a practice that originates from old Tantric principles that promote physical and psychological health, during what is one of the most erotic experiences you can ever imagine.

Your beautiful masseuse will use both her body and expert hands to caress you, tantalise and tease you. Using slow soothing strokes she will rub and slide across you with every inch of her naked body. First along your back from your head to your toes before turning you over and repeating the process on your front, sensually and rhythmically caressing every part of your body.

Your body to body massage will awaken your senses, relieve your stress, reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation in the most pleasurable way possible.

Body to Body+ Massage

For just an additional £100, add a big + to yourApple Treat Body-to-Body Massage. As well as the delightfully erotic massage described above, you can now choose from the following options. Enjoy a pre-massage bath or shower with your beautiful masseuse and experience a happy beginning before settling down to your fully naked body-to-body massage.

You may request your masseuse to wear sexy lingerie or a fun outfit such as a nurse or schoolgirl costume. And of course, your pleasure will be doubled as the sensual massage reaches its exciting climax.

Like all of our erotic massages, our body-to-body massage can be tailored to precisely what you want, our masseuse will ensure you are comfortable and follow your exact desires.

Wet & Wild Erotic Massage

Our Wet & Wild Massage is designed to fulfil all of your fantasies in pure and unashamed indulgence.

From the moment your two beautiful masseuse Goddesses enter your room you will know you have made the right choice. They are there to ensure that the next few hours will be the best you have ever had, washing away all the stresses of daily life and providing you with an unforgettable soapy massage.

Our Wet & Wild Erotic Massage begins with an intimate, sensual bathing experience. Our naked masseuse will join you in the bath, ensuring you are completely relaxed she will wash up and down your body giving a deliciously silky, smooth, soapy massage.

This very intimate and erotic massage will include wet, warm and soapy body slides; our masseuse will glide her body effortlessly over yours, massaging every part of your body with oils; creating an erotic wet and wild experience. Leaving you one cloud nine.

This is our top of the range massage and is for those discerning men and women seeking pleasures in life that until now have been out of reach. Immerse yourself in your fantasies and treat yourself to an unforgettable erotic Wet & Wild Tantric Massage.

Tie & Tease Erotic Massage

Take a Apple Treat massage in London, combine a twist of light discipline with a touch of 'tie and tease' to experience a truly memorable Dominatrix massage.

Enjoy lashings of pleasure with the discipline you know you expect and deserve.

You'll be blindfolded, bound and gagged into a pleasurable submission for as long as you do as you're told. During our Tie & Tease, Erotic massage our mistress will take you under her control, controlling and prolonging your pleasures and teasing every part of your body. Surrender to the natural authority of Apple Treat's powerful and stunningly beautiful captivating mistresses.

They are not only sensuous and intelligent but also incredibly strict. You must obey or suffer the consequences. Let your mind run wild during our tie and tease erotic massage. Each dominatrix massage is bespoke to your desires; explore the role-playing fantasies and fetishes you may have only dreamed about with your sophisticated demanding mistress in control. You will surrender willingly.

We are aware that only an hour of a true dominatrix massage is simply not enough to worship your Mistress, let alone to seek repentance or her approval.

Enjoy or be punished!

Body Basics Massage

Apple Treat offers a range of highly pleasurable, sensual massages which are unequalled anywhere else in the world. An experience of a lifetime, we will take you on an unforgettable journey involving the most beautiful masseuses and masseurs in London.

The original Apple Treat Basic Massage, with one, two or even three masseuses is often reviewed as the best massage London has to offer. It is a truly erotic massage; a therapeutic massage combined with eroticism guaranteed to relieve the stresses of life, easing out the emotional and physical tension and relaxing muscles. Your masseuse will prolong your pleasure for as long as possible before taking your body to the ultimate in heightened physical joy.

Using our unique combination of massage techniques (Swedish, Thai, Indian and Tantra massage) your entire body will be sensuously caressed by one of our many beautiful masseuses. Our naked young Goddess’s soft hands will remain in contact with your skin throughout, never breaking the connection between the two of you; she will give your body the relaxation and pleasure it deserves, resulting in high erotic peaks and sensual pleasure not achievable in other ways.

Our masseuses are highly skilled, trained and experienced in perfectly combining eastern philosophy with western practice and will provide you with a sensual massage according to your specific desires and preferences.

By Invitation Only

We cordially invite our repeat clients to sample the following extraordinary experiences designed to bring you the very best Apple Treat can offer.

Tantric Sacred Spot

For an extra, unparalleled level of pleasure, any one of our erotic massages can be supplemented with our Sacred Spot, tantric prostate massage, taking the erotic experience beyond its already tantalising experience to a truly heady whole body release.

"The Sacred Spot", also known as the male g-spot, is actually the prostate gland. According to the Tantric philosophy, the sacred spot is the emotional sexual centre, the gateway to intense sensations unachievable through another erotic massage. Massaging the Sacred-Spot releases huge amounts of emotional and physical stress, and is an extremely pleasurable and healing experience.

Our prostate massages can be incorporated with any of the Apple Treat Sensual or Body2Body Massages; you will achieve a level of heightened ecstasy you could never dream of. A truly unforgettable full body orgasm.

Prostate massage therapy also has been said to have many benefits, it can;

1. Help with the pain and discomfort caused by prostatitis

2. Help the symptoms of impotence by increasing circulation

3. Improve the quality of your orgasms, resulting in improved sexual well-being and good prostate health.

For such a delicate area it is imperative to choose an experienced masseuse that knows exactly what she is doing. When a prostate massage is done properly, many men experience intense, long lasting orgasms.

Our masseuses are extremely experienced and are the perfect choice to bring you this unparalleled unforgettable experience safely.

Client Reviews

  • David
    Zoe is simply the best!!..beautiful, sexy, sweet and so sensual. I will definitely see her again! Thanks.
  • Mary
    I had a very pleasant experience with Scott. He was very professional, has a lovely spirit and made me feel relaxed and at ease quickly.
  • George
    Larissa was awesome, thanks very much. I will definitely book her again.