Massage for Couples

The Apple Treat4Two is the ultimate couple’s deep bonding experience in which both partners will receive the full body sensual experience simultaneously.

Take Your Love Life to a Higher Level!

If you are looking to discover another dimension to your relationship, Apple Treat invites you on an exciting new journey to the ultimate couple’s experience, one which will translate your fantasies into reality and transform the sensuality in your relationship forever.

The sensual Apple Treat4Two Couples Massage involves great intimacy, with both partners lying next to each other allowing the erotic energy to pass between you whilst receiving the massage simultaneously. Our Couples Erotic Massage will reignite your sexual spark, create a deep bonding experience, improve your sensual intimacy and can provide you with tips and techniques you can use on each other in the future. Not only will our tantric massages add to your bedroom repertoire but it will create a whole new dimension to your relationship.

Our erotic massages are bespoke and tailored to your preferences. We know that each couple is different and each needs a different approach. Therefore you have the choice between two masseuses and/or masseurs; a male and female or two female practitioners. You, your partner and your masseuse can be fully unclothed if you choose.

The Apple Treat4Two erotic massage for couples is a full body massage with warm oil lovingly applied over every inch of your bodies by experienced hands that will remain in contact with your skin throughout, never breaking the connection between you, stimulating you and prolonging your divine experience. Your devoted therapists will use various therapeutic massage techniques to help you relax and surrender to your deeper senses, relaxing you both for the joys to follow.

Treat your partner to our intimate Apple Treat4Two Couples Massage with two masseuses or a masseuse and masseur!

Apple Treat Sensory Healing

What are the Tibetan Singing Bowls?
They are handmade bowls from Nepal differ in sizes and each made of different metals which stand for a symbolic representation of the seven chakras of the body. The bowls produce different elemental tones, rich vibration when gently struck with a wooden mallet.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries across Asia. In the West they are widely used by music and massage therapists as part of the healing practice sound therapy.

What Happens in a Typical Session?
The bowls are placed around and on the body, from head to toe or waved above and played in a particular order to produce specific tones. Selection of bowls varies according to which chakra, or energy meridian system in the body needs attention during the session.

Positive Benefits
As about 60% of the human body is water the vibrations and echoes produced by the bowls resonate on a cellular level, releasing blockages and restoring balance. Researchers have found that binaural beats (two tones at slightly different frequencies are played in unison) positively affect the human nervous system by helping to change the brain waves. Respiratory rates also lower which reduce anxiety and elevate positive mood states. The sound bath ends with a wonderful zenlike equilibrium. You will also feel relaxed and more present in your body.

Tantric Bodywork
Your sound therapy will slowly turn into a loving and nurturing tantra bodywork session. Soft and slow touches will be lovingly applied throughout your body tailored by your preferences. An incredible multi sensory experience with a unique sensual journey is guaranteed.

Client Reviews

  • David
    Zoe is simply the best!!..beautiful, sexy, sweet and so sensual. I will definitely see her again! Thanks.
  • Mary
    I had a very pleasant experience with Scott. He was very professional, has a lovely spirit and made me feel relaxed and at ease quickly.
  • George
    Larissa was awesome, thanks very much. I will definitely book her again.