It was another late finish and I was sat in an unfamiliar office building in London working on this new business contract. I’d flown over from the US to work on this contract and nothing was going right. “Why won’t you work?” I desperately asked my laptop as its light blinked innocently at me. I sighed. I was going mad, talking to my office hardware.

“Um, there’s a problem sir” stammered a voice from the doorway.

“Yes?” I snapped back.

“The files. They’re not…”

Again I sighed. The files we needed hadn’t been emailed over and we didn’t have a hard copy of them.

“Well, they’ve got to be here somewhere right?” I asked pleadingly. I just wanted to go back to my hotel room and relax, but this tension headache wasn’t going anywhere and neither was this work. I hurriedly searched through desks and drawers, desperate to find the files I knew wouldn’t be there. As I was searching, I saw a piece of paper with a name and number scrawled down – Apple Treat. For some reason the name stopped me in my tracks. Where had I heard that name before? I could swear someone had mentioned the name. Then it hit me – Andrew back in New York had told me about Apple Treat. He said their tantric massages were the best in London and he was quite adamant that they were the best in the world.

“You can leave, it’s getting late. It’ll get sorted tomorrow” I said to the intern in the doorway.

“Thanks, sir, see you tomorrow” and he left.

As I walked back to my hotel room, I kept thinking about Apple Treat. I felt slightly nervous – I’d never had a massage before, this was completely new territory for me. When I reached my hotel suite I sat on the bed, looked at the number over and over again. Eventually, I took a deep breath and called the number.

I paced up and down in my room. I was excited – I’d heard so much about Apple Treat from Andrew that I knew this was going to be a special experience. Far better than sitting in an office looking for files, that I could be sure of. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. As I opened it, I couldn’t believe what I saw; the most stunning woman I’d ever seen was standing there. As she walked into my suite, her beauty intoxicated me. She introduced herself as Amelia. She was tall, with long silky soft dark hair and her voice instantly soothed me. I could feel my tension headache disappearing. As Amelia took her clothes off, I couldn’t help but stare; her body was toned and beautifully curvaceous in all the right places. I couldn’t wait to feel her touch on my tired, aching body.

Amelia touched my shoulders, her hands covered in gorgeously silky massage oil. My entire body was electrified at the very first touch as she rubbed the massage oil into my tingling skin. She tenderly began rubbing her gorgeous naked body against mine and started rubbing the inside of my thighs. I could feel the sensuality building inside me as she touched every part of my body. As I watched Amelia caress every part of my body, I felt exhilarated – I could feel the climax building and I closed my eyes, unable to hold off the feeling of intense pleasure any longer. The feeling was indescribable, I had never felt ecstasy like this before.

As Amelia left, I knew I had experienced something special from an expertly trained masseuse. I’d experienced a once in a lifetime massage and I knew that when I returned to America I would be telling everyone about Apple Treat’s Body-to-Body Massage.

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