Terms of Services

In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding or disappointment, the following terms must be observed and adhered to upon confirmation of your booking.

You must be at least 18 years of age.

All quoted prices include a transportation fee within Central London only; please request a quote for transportation outside this area. For Airport (Heathrow, Gatwick) bookings please add £60 before 9pm and £90 thereafter.

Kindly note that in the unlikely event of cancellation, on arrival of the masseuse a small fee of £50 will apply.

Bookings outside Apple Treat opening hours (10am - 2am daily) may incur a £100 surcharge.

Apple Treat reserves the right to refuse any client whose intent, behaviour or appearance is not consistent with our policies to prevent violation of our staff's safety.

The Apple Treat Massage is strictly a massage and is in no way an invitation of sexual services.

Although the Apple Treat Massage is definitely a sensual-erotic experience it is not a hidden or open invitation for intercourse.

We perform neither intercourse nor oral sex.

Before the massage: Please take a shower before your therapist's arrival. Set the room temperature at a comfortable, warm level.

During the massage: On booking your Apple Treat Massage you agree to remain in a passive role, with no touching throughout the entire massage.

After the massage: Please allow your masseuse or masseur to take a shower after finishing the massage, and provide a clean towel for their use.

Any breach of the agreed terms may result in an immediate and permanent ban from our services. The above terms apply equally and unconditionally to all clients.

Client Reviews

  • David
    Zoe is simply the best!!..beautiful, sexy, sweet and so sensual. I will definitely see her again! Thanks.
  • Mary
    I had a very pleasant experience with Scott. He was very professional, has a lovely spirit and made me feel relaxed and at ease quickly.
  • George
    Larissa was awesome, thanks very much. I will definitely book her again.